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I've always been drawn to Olio - a mishmash, a hodgepodge. I feel like that's kind of my crafting style. Lots of little talents. My name is Nicole. So, I combined the two. WithLove - I put passion into my product and I'm so glad to hear when buyers recognize that.
I wear many hats.  A mom of three (and wife of one) -- the day to day can be exhausting.  But I find energy and excitement with my crafting.  My neighbors must think I'm crazy - turning on that craft room light between 4:00 and 5:00am - but that's my quiet time.  It's when my whole family is asleep and I can let my imagination run wild.  I opened NicolioWithLove to share my love for creating with you.  
I've always been a crafter.  It started with my mom, who dabbled in little bits of everything.  She had a well organized craft room in the basement, where you could find just about anything you were looking for.  And whenever I hosted my birthday parties, you could be sure all my girls would be taking home some sort of craft.
Nowadays in my own home, the "craft room basement" has become a "craft room."  I've started my own collection of craft supplies that I hope my own daughters will enjoy searching through as they get older.  
I genuinely THANK YOU for stopping by.  My home is always open to friends, and you can consider yourself my newest.

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